New July Trailers Podcast

How is it going everyone? It is ya boys the bros back at it to bring you another trailer cast. In this one we talk about the latest trailers from July and a couple from June that we missed. We will try to do a podcast like this every month, so if you enjoy them let us know. The links to the trailers are down below if you want to follow along, the links are in the order we watched them. That is all from us for now, but stay tuned to for more blammin’ content.

Midsommar Discussion

How is it going everybody, it is the Bros back at it with another podcast. This one is just a little different to start. We spend the first 13 minutes getting our audio situated and working out the kinks to the Blam Meter rating system and I figured it was nice banter that some people would enjoy. If you ain’t about that, that is totally fine, you can skip to 13:45 in the podcast to where we start out our normal Discussion on Midsommar. So let us know what you thought and stay tuned for more Blammin’ content. Stay Blammin’ folks.

Hereditary Discussion

How is it going everybody? It is ya boys, the bros, back at it again with a new podcast. This one was recorded back in March, but is now edited and ready for you to listen. In this one we discuss Ari Aster’s horror/thriller film Hereditary. We give our thoughts and opinions on it and rate it for the blam meter. So let us know what you think and thank you for tuning in to The Blam Bros podcast!