Starting something new to add to the Blamness you can experience. Along with the Podcast we will be putting up written forms of our reviews. They won’t be exactly the same as what we will talk about so you can still get something new from them. I will link back to this post at the begging of the reviews as a “disclaimer” as there are possibilities of spoilers depending on who is writing the review. Also older movies are more likely to have spoilers and we will try to spare newer movies from having any. For the most part we will try to keep them short and simple to just give you an idea of how the movie was and if you should spend the time seeing it. They wont be just a watch or dont watch type review, we’ll give you what we liked and didnt like and the rewatchability. I think that is the most important when it comes to movies. If its good enough for you to want to watch again, its a good movie. Our rating scale is out of 100 because 10 is just too low, and why even trust someone that is only using 5 to rate a movie. Am I right? Thank you and keep on enjoying!


Photo from Can Stock Photo


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